Centrifugal Finishing Machine

SUPER FIN centrifugal finishing is a unique high energy mass finishing process. In this machine four barrels are mounted on the periphery of the roating turret.

As turret roates along its axis at high speed, centrifugal force is generated inside the barrels. These barrels are also rotated along its own axis (straight axis or skew axis) in opposite direction.

Each barrel contains media, finishing compound, water and parts to be finished.

Due to rotation of turret & barrel, media inside barrel rub against the parts under pressure. The high pressure sliding / rubbing action of media performs the surface finishing of the parts and reduces finishing time to just a few minutes from many hours.

SUPER FIN is ideally suited for high quality finishing. It can process even fragile & delicate parts without any distortion.

The loading device loads work pieces directly into the blast machine from containers, pallets or so-called charging baskets. The work pieces slide through the open loading door and onto the advancing caterpillar tread.

The loader subsequently returns to its initial position. The blasting process begins after the loading door is automatically closed and then locked. After the blasting period ends, the door opens automatically. The freshly blasted work pieces are removed in sequence by a take-off conveyor, or by emptying them directly into containers provided by the customer.

The blasting abrasive is continuously cleaned, recirculated and reused. An abrasive metering device feeds the cleaned abrasive from the abrasive storage bunker to the high-performance turbines.

A fan unit creates the partial vacuum necessary to maintain dust-free operation of the blasting unit. Extracted air is cleaned in a special filter unit.

Why Choose Us

Gujarat Industries’s extensive plating and electroplating expertise enables us to offer unique product design, prototype and production capabilities to our valued customers. Advanced surface engineering processes, such as electroplating, are used to protect, improve the appearance, insulate; or increase the corrosion protection, conductivity, solderability, or modify the surface of the substrate material.

Our electroplating capabilities are specifically adapted for application-specific processes including:

  • Deposition of a wide range of coating materials
  • Reel-to-reel manufacturing optimized for high throughput
  • Selective deposition to provide localized coating on complex components
  • Our vertically integrated value chain and the ability to control the quality of all components is of utmost importance in the global markets that we serve, where the highest quality control and high-volume yields are keys to success.
    Integrated plating with design and other manufacturing process minimizes overall time to market while reducing costs, thereby augmenting our customer’s competitive advantage and position in the markets they serve.
    Gujarat Industries’s laboratories and quality control organizations are fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments such as atomic absorption, ionic chromatography, X-ray fluorescence thickness measurement, video microscopes, cross-sectioning equipment, steam aging, salt spray test equipment, metallurgical microscopes and so on, in order to assure maintenance and consistency of high-quality plating.

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