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Founded in 2005, Gujarat Industries grew from humble beginnings to a true leader in the field of electrolytic and electroless metal plating finishes. Products plated by Gujarat Industries are integral in some of the manufacturing world’s most complex assemblies. Our metal plating finishes are found in safety-critical devices, such as ABS modules, drive-by-wire controls, commercial and military aircraft, and implantable medical devices.

Gujarat Industries is an engineering-centered company, bringing 15+ years of manufacturing and engineering experience to every program. Our metal finishing experience gives us the ability to solve challenging plating issues and bring functional solutions and cost-saving measures to our customers.

Mr. Amit Gautam Shah( Founder & Director )
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Gujarat Industries provides surface finishing and anodizing services that deliver functionality and beauty to a diversity of automotive, motorcycle, electronics, consumer and other products you use and experience every day. We pride ourselves on producing flawless, high performance finishes on aluminum, magnesium, steel and stainless steel, as well as copper alloys and zinc die cast. Leading manufacturers trust us to increase wear and corrosion protection, improve appearance, and enable electronic performance, while meeting stringent OEM, environmental and regulatory requirements.

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We have 15+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services in electroplating

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Providing Full Range of High Services Solution Worldwide

Enjoying Trust, Quality & Respect with all its Customers. Gujarat Industries has grown into India's leading electroplating and metal finishing company.

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From Die Design to the final Product we have complete In-house Capabilities

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Highly Mechanised and State of the art Electroplating Plant in Vadodara

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The Surface Treatment Experts

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Over the years, we have upgraded our facilities, our equipment, and our staff to maintain our leadership position as one of the finest specialty platers in vadodara.
Mr. Amit Gautam Shah, Director
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Metal Finishing Solutions for Companies in a Wide Range of Industries

At Gujarat Industries, we're proud of our ability to provide reliable and affordable metal finishing services to companies across a wide spectrum of industries. The list of industries we serve includes:

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